Our Year at a Glance

We’ve got some clever creating to do this year. The following is a general outline of what we could cover this year.

Gr. 1     principles and elements of art, weaving, building a sculpture, exploring the art of Monet and Kandinsky

Gr. 2     principles and element of art, perspective landscapes, art of Van Gogh and Matisse

Gr. 3     creating radial art, sculptures , working with watercolors and pieces that evoke movement 

Gr. 4     fiber weaving, art of Georgia O’Keeffe and Wayne Theibaud, pointillism painting

Gr. 5      art of Chuck Close and Evard Munch, pop art and printing, color theory

Gr. 6 perspective drawing, abstract art, watercolor techniques

Gr. 7       slab clay tiles,  embroidery “stuffy monster”, maybe a Keith Haring inspired sculpture

Gr. 8       pinch pot clay “critter”, perspective, work with water colors, collaborative sculptures, printing


The art activities and lessons in each grade level are designed to both challenge and provide a source of enjoyment and creativity for each student. Art lessons are linked to specific artists, art history and/or the elements and principles of design.
This year, students in all grade level will receive an S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory) on his or her report card. Although a letter grade will not be assigned or counted towards a GPA, conduct and effort grades surely will! I expect every little (or bigger) artist to “give it a try”!